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Coaching & Counselling Services

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A guided conversation to help you clarify your goals and achieve them, removing any blocks along the way.

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A one-to-one helping relationship to resolve past issues, see things more clearly and create a better future.

‘What is healing but a change in perspective’

Mark Doty.

Office Desk


I am a person centred therapist and executive coach with over 20 years’ experience of helping people change their lives for the better. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing people resolve ongoing issues, find solutions or better coping strategies and move forward with their lives.

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Professional and humane, Helen’s support was immediate, practical and deep-reaching, and flexible in focus and pacing – enabling me to take stock, take action and move on with renewed confidence.


I have been suffering with depression and anxiety for many years.I have been to numerous counsellor and started seeing Helen over two years ago. Helen is an excellent counsellor and has helped me to deal with my problems and enabled me to stay at work while battling my depression and anxiety.


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